Whether you are preparing to open the doors to your restaurant or you need additional capital to fund a renovation, upgrade or expansion, Halo Capital Group can provide you with the full range of restaurant loans that you need for any needs. We understand the unique challenges that restaurant owners face when running their businesses, and we also understand that obtaining affordable financing can be a struggle. When you contact our office today to speak with one of our friendly representatives about financing a restaurant, you can discover for yourself why we are the company you want to work with for your restaurant business loan.

How Our Loan Funds Can Be Used

If you have already started exploring the financing options available to restaurant owners like you, you may have spoken with some lenders that place strict restrictions on how the funds can be used. For example, some restaurant equipment financing may only be used to secure new equipment, such as a new commercial stove for the kitchen. Other types of restaurant financing may need to be used to make functional changes to your facility. In some cases, our clients need capital from restaurant lending programs for these purposes. However, there are other times when the business may need capital from a restaurant finance loan to cover a cash shortage due to a slow period or when funds may be needed for other purposes, such as for payroll or making tax payments. Our loan funds can be used for a wide range of purposes, and we are committed to helping you obtain the cash you need to move beyond this point and to help your restaurant find a greater level of success.


Our Creative Restaurant Lending Solutions

At Halo Capital Group, we are the restaurant lenders you are searching for for all of your financial needs. Our restaurant loans can be used for any purpose you need, and we offer a number of creative solutions to meet your needs. Whether you need to apply for restaurant equipment financing to help you better equip your kitchen to meet the needs of your customers and business or you need to make some structural changes to the interior of your dining room, we have the creative restaurant financing solutions for all of your intended purposes. More than that, our restaurant business loan programs have affordable loan terms and flexible repayment options. We understand that the income from a restaurant is not always stable or regular, and we strive to provide you with affordable repayment solutions that are suitable for your budget.


What to Expect From Our Office

When you contact our friendly restaurant lending team at Halo Capital Group, you will receive personalized assistance from the first call until your loan closes. We take the time to learn more about your concerns, goals and budget up-front, and we will assist you in setting up a loan that is perfectly suited to accommodate your business plans and expectations. We want to help you succeed in your efforts, and you can always count on our lending team to provide you with honest answers and friendly customer service. In addition, we will be accessible to you throughout the loan process to overcome issues and to support you with our knowledgeable guidance and services.

If you need to obtain capital for your restaurant business today and you need to apply for a purchase order loan or cash advance, turn to Halo Capital Group. We have the restaurant finance solutions that you need for all types of needs, and we are ready to get started working for you right now. You can contact our office during normal business hours to inquire about the financial programs we offer for restaurants, or you can request more information through our website. While it can be a challenge to obtain funding for a restaurant, rest assured that we have the solutions that your business needs for financing a restaurant.

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