Semi Truck Financing Program

Tractor trailer financing is crucial to a large number of businesses scattered all across the nation. Since the cost of purchasing a semi runs in the tens of thousands of dollars or higher, most truckers must rely on semi truck financing companies to help them acquire and maintain the very best equipment and stay competitive in the modern trucking industry.

Guaranteed Financing Solutions Nationwide

We offer guaranteed truck financing on a nationwide basis. We do not limit semi truck finance opportunities based on whether your business is new or old, on whether or not you own a home, or on your possession of a CDL. We do not let tax liens or bankruptcy in your past keep you from getting the loan. At Halo Capital, we know how to find a way to finance your new or used semi regardless of who you are or what financial troubles you may have had in the past.

Low Semi Truck Financing Rates

Semi truck financing rates can vary greatly depending a wide variety of factors, including total vehicle price, vehicle age and condition, reputation of the trucking company or individual, and the current market situation. Our semi truck loan rates are always kept as low as possible, and we are always willing to work with you to find a way to get you the loan.

18 Wheeler Financing for Truckers

While it is sometimes easier to find a loan provider for smaller commercial trucks, 18 wheeler financing can be more difficult to obtain. Since the stakes are higher on the highest-priced vehicles on the road, many financing companies become extremely slow and stringent and offer unfair loan terms. We, however, give you fast and affordable 18 wheeler truck financing with terms that are built to fit your particular needs.

No Money Down Truck Financing

When your business is in a tight spot and you need a truck or truck repair in short space of time, it may not always be practical to put forward a large down payment. For this reason, unlike many of our competitors, we frequently require no money down on your trucking loans. In many cases, simply making the first payment will be enough to secure the loan.

Tractor Trailer Financing for Bad Credit

While a good deal on tractor trailer financing for bad credit applicants is sometimes elusive, we at Halo Capital offer credit solutions that work for every credit score. Some companies adhere to a minimum credit score before they will do business with you, but we understand that circumstances beyond your control can affect your credit rating and that what happened in years past need not be a forecast of the future. Therefore, we provide bad credit tractor trailer financing on a wide variety of tractor trailer loans. We make it possible for you to keep your wheels on the road and your business running strong.

Financing a Used Semi Truck

If financing a new semi carries the risk of a higher investment, used semi truck loans carry the risk of undiscovered mechanical problems and an uncertain rate of depreciation. This scares some financiers away from used truck loans or motivates them to highly restrict them. We, however, understand that a new truck purchase is not always necessary nor practical and, therefore, provide affordable used-truck loans to our clients. We can arrange for an inspection of the truck and utilize a fair and accurate depreciation schedule to determine the exact terms of the loan. We also offer you semi truck repair financing to get your business back up and running fast following major break-downs.

The Benefit of An Easy to Use Semi Truck Financing Calculator

It can often be very helpful to use a semi truck finance calculator that is simple, fast, and accurate. It gives you an instant estimate of your interest rate, payment amounts, sales tax, and other pertinent data. By using a convenient financing calculator, you can quickly assess your options and make a wise and informed decision.

Doing Business With the Right Truck Financing Companies

With untold thousands of fleet operators and independent truckers constantly on the lookout for a semi truck loan, it is not surprising that semi truck financing companies abound. All semi truck finance companies, however, are not equally helpful to those in need of semi truck loans. Finding a fast, fair, and honest truck-loan financier is not always easy, but doing business with the right people is the most critical factor to be concerned about when seeking semi truck loans.


Halo Capital Group makes financing a tractor trailer possible for those with less than perfect credit. We cater to trucking companies both large and small, new and old, and of every description. Our goal is to make it as fast, simple, and affordable as possible for you to get the loan you need to keep your trucking enterprise both in business and optimally profitable.

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