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Marina Loans – What You Need to Know

With the recent restriction on all types of federal lending programs, it is even harder for businesses and individuals alike to seek loans and refinancing options for large projects – a factor that heavily influences marina projects. If you are looking to purchase a marina or already own one and are investigating refinancing options, though, Halo Capital can help. We offer a variety of marina loans and financing options that are competitive and flexible. We even work with individuals with special financial considerations to extend the opportunity of purchasing marina capital and property to all interested parties. Consider the financing options today and take a step toward your future.

The Problem with Traditional Financing

If you have begun your search for marina loans, you may have looked at traditional funding options and gotten road blocked. The issue with traditional financing options related to marina financing is that lenders have resorted to traditional lending criteria. While this option works for some with the needed cash flow to secure a traditional loan, it often limits the business development for many. If you have exhausted the traditional financing options, it’s time to explore additional marina finance options, such as those offered through Halo Capital.

Marina Financing

Securing financing through traditional bank options is almost impossible, but when you work with Halo Capital, we provide you with unheard of possibilities. We work with a variety of capital sources to procure financing options at reasonable rates and terms for all of our clients. Just because you are making a large purchase doesn’t mean you have to have a high interest rate. Our team is comprised of experienced individuals who know how to offer you the best financing options and capital interest.

Marina Loan Project Options

We work with a variety of individuals looking for different marina funding options. You may be looking to purchase a new marina, reconstruct an existing structure, or refinance to invest in new equipment or buildings. We can help you with all of these project options and more. If you have the idea and the location, we can help you attain the financing and capital necessary to complete the project.

To best meet your needs, we also take a look at your desired business plan and personal goals. With this information, we are better able to meet your needs and help you determine the best type of marina loan for you.

Marina Funding Programs Available

When you begin looking for funding options, you should know that there are a number of programs available, depending on your intended project. We can help you secure funding for marina acquisition, refinancing, equipment, and marina capital.

There are two main types of marina finance programs available – acquisition and refinance. Acquisition loans are designed to enable individuals to purchase new properties and develop them for business. Refinance options allow individuals to reformat an existing loan to gain additional funding for construction, equipment, and other necessary financial developments.

The Halo Capital Difference

Acquiring any type of loan or funding can take time, but especially when it deals with a business development like a marina. Purchasing or refinancing a marina involves added steps to achieve loan approval and ascertain the property. When you are seeking to complete such a process, you need to be working with someone you can trust, who has your best interests in mind, and who knows how to effectively capture a financing deals for large projects like marinas. Halo Capital has the experience and the capability to be and do all of that.

It is our goal to offer each of our clients the same level of customer service as well as the same degree of professionalism. We aim to provide:

– personal service.
– individualized financing solutions.
– expedient loan services.

Working with the right lending company is just as important as finding the right property for purchase. Contact Halo Capital today to get the ball rolling (or should we say the boat gliding) on your next project.