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Casino & Resort Financing

As you probably know, casinos and resorts require a great deal of capital to run smoothly. You will need a venue that catches the eye of potential customers in the area. Maybe you need to renovate to achieve this goal. Or maybe you need to purchase equipment such as slot machines, game tables, employee break furniture, bulletproof casino cage glass, room & pool amenities, and more. Additionally, you may need resort & casino financing to ensure that you can pay your employees on a consistent and reliable basis. Although this can be an extremely lucrative business, it can also be risky and turbulent. Obtaining the necessary capital is paramount to your success, and it is our mission to help you succeed.  We are network of lenders and investors that use an efficient application process to get you funded quickly, with the most competitive rates and flexible terms in the industry.

Traditional lenders constantly raise the bar on resort & casino funding. These organizations usually require collateral for their large casino loans. As a business owner who is just starting out in the world of slots and fantasies, you may not have any assets to put forth to secure casino financing. Our company can help you to make your dreams come true. We provide alternative casino funding for businesses that want to grow and succeed. Our firm is unique in that we use alternate criteria to qualify you for our products. Our partners have faith in you when traditional lenders turn their backs. We can quickly assist you with obtaining the casino loan and resort cash that you require.

How to Break Through the Obstacles

The casino industry is an extremely lucrative business. The fact that consumers spend about $100 billion per year in casino resorts gives you an advantage with a company such as ours. We do not look at your credit score, nor do we ask you for collateral. Instead, we provide unsecured casino loans with no collateral and no credit check. Your organization can receive a casino loan of up to $50,000 for any purpose that is relevant to your business plan. Additionally, your company may qualify for up to $250,000 in government grants. Grants are sources of free money that you never have to worry about paying back. Furthermore, your business may very well qualify for additional federal casino finance products. If your business meets the criteria, you could be obtain an advance of as much as $2 million.

We Nix the Fees

The best part of working with our partners for your resort loans is that we will not charge you bogus application fees, backend fees, origination fees, finder’s fees, success fees or any additional fees. The application for your resort loan is free because we want to help you to get your business off the ground. We work with a multitude of casino lenders that provide stability and hope to ambitious business owners.

How to Qualify for the Resort Financing Program

Federal funding programs inspire our resort financing. The way we determine if you are eligible for assistance is by assessing your productivity and your overall financial health. A credit score is not as important as the potential that your company has to generate revenue. Therefore, we will examine any sales that you have already earned as well as your potential to multiply those figures over the course of time. We will make a decision about your resort loan in as few as one to two days. Your financing could be in your account in as few as two days. The paperwork that you will have to complete is minimal as opposed to the mound of paperwork that many traditional lenders seem to require. If you are a well run, established resort, obtaining resort capital shouldn’t be hard.

The statistics from the people who have applied with our casino lenders for resort loans should speak for itself. We have a 95 percent approval rate for our casino finance products. Therefore, you can feel confident about the outcome of any application that you put through our system.

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