Mortgage for Warehouse

Warehouse and self-storage buildings store valuable inventory, merchandise and collectibles. One busy warehouse may be continually fulfilling online orders while another warehouse may be primarily used for construction material storage. Self storage units have become increasingly popular and are even used for running small businesses. Regardless of your situation, a loan might be necessary. The Halo Capital Group can help you with this process. We are group of lenders that get you funded quickly, with the most competitive rates and flexible terms in the industry. To learn more, fill out the form to the right and a representative will get back to you to discuss your options.

The Purpose of Warehouse Loans

You might want to automate your warehouse shelving system, so it can be reconfigured to handle more inventory. Or maybe you want to upgrade your smart phone mobile connections to allow supervisors to direct workers in real-time. A warehouse loan ensures that owners have modern facilities. The warehouse finance option can also allow you to purchase empty buildings. Whatever the purpose, the Halo Capital Group can help. Fill out our simple application form, and we’ll find lenders that match your criteria.

What is Warehouse Lending?

What is warehouse lending? Warehouse lending is credit provided to a mortgage lender to fund mortgages until the lender sells them in the secondary market. During the heyday of mortgages, banks realized that finding a permanent buyer could take some time. Banks created short-term revolving lines of warehouse capital to enable mortgage brokers to complete the process more smoothly. This account could be used by the temporary buyer to fund the property. The mortgage loan documents were used as the initial collateral until securitization was complete. The permanent investor would then repay the warehouse lines of credit. By placing this finance card in the hands of the mortgage broker, the “dwell time” was only a matter of weeks. The high profits from mortgages justified the creation of this financing facility, which in turn, improved the speed and efficiency of the entire process. Let Halo Capital help you gain more independence with a mortgage line of credit.

Warehouse Receipt Financing

Warehouse receipts financing is an asset-based way to raise capital using your inventory: steel, cement, lumber, you name it. Receipt finance provides capital to repair, maintain or improve your building. You could even purchase a new building with a warehouse receipt loan. When you finance a warehouse, you can compete on a level playing field.

Self Storage Loans

Self storage units can be used for storing antique, promotional or seasonal vehicles. Or you could temporarily store your parents furniture at one of the units. Collectors love the freedom of self storage facilities. Small business owners can rent out space to create affordable offices. In addition, a warehouse loan can pay for staff, electricity and security. The warehouse line can be used for both every day expenses or special projects. The Halo Capital Group can help you find low interest rates for self storage finance. To get started, fill out our fast application form and we will review all of your options.

What Warehouse Lenders Are Looking For

A loan for warehouse can be short- or long-term. The lender will conduct frequent reviews to determine the value of your operation. Some lenders favor larger facilities with positive cash flow. Warehouse financiers often provide capital using inventory receipts as collateral and will want to properly value your commodities. Asset based mortgage lending applications will ask for principal owners and tax documents. A warehouse mortgage might also require Errors & Omissions and Fidelity insurance coverage.

Get a Loan for a Warehouse Today

Financing a warehouse is a necessity. With better access to money, you can outperform your competition. Discover the benefits of warehouse business loans by filling out the form with your contact information. A Halo Capital Group representative will get in touch with you to discuss all of your funding options.

Loans for Warehouse
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