Merchant Capital Loan Program

The process of applying for a commercial loan can be challenging, especially when your business is facing clear obstacles that hinder it from getting approved. One of these challenges include your credit rating. If your businesses’ credit score is less than stellar, your chances of getting approved may be impossible if you apply for loans from traditional lenders. However, there are alternative lending sources that offer more flexible lending options. If you’ve been denied a business loan from a traditional lender, The Halo Capital Group is a finance company that has helped many business owners secure merchant business funding. To get started, complete the simple application form to the right and a representative will contact you to discuss your options.

Applying for Merchant Loan Services

When it comes to merchant loans, the process of applying shouldn’t be hard. However, there are lenders out there that make the process really hard. Due to the financial and sub-prime mortgage crisis, many traditional lenders have tightened up their lending criteria and require even more documentation than before. On top of that, it can often take months to get approved.  If you need a lender that places borrowers paramount on their list, then apply to Halo Capital’s loan program by filling out your information to the right. Instead of solely focusing on your credit rating, we will analyze the volume of cash flow in your business. This is a much better indicator of your company’s financial health and it allows us to fund companies that would otherwise be locked out of fairly priced capital.

Halo Capital: A Discount Merchant Funding Group

The Halo Capital Group is not like other merchant lending companies that charge unaffordable rates on business loans. We offer structured financing plans that will help business owners meet their operating goals without enormous pressure. Although credit is a key factor in getting approved for a merchant loan, it’s not the only factor that we take into consideration. We assess a business’ monthly profits and losses as a determining factor to decide if a borrower is capable of paying back the loan. As a result, discount merchant funding is available to more companies than ever before.

The Benefit of Lending Solutions from Halo Capital

If you’ve been turned down by several lenders and don’t know what to do, Halo Capital for merchants can help bridge the gap for your business operations. When other lenders offer business merchant services based on strict lending rules, you don’t have to forego the money you need for equipment, payroll or inventory. Merchant capital solutions companies like us make it easy to apply and receive money within 48 hours. Other lenders may give you the run around, but our merchant funding group will work with you, not against you.

Common Challenges with Getting Merchant Financing

Merchant financing can be difficult to obtain if you’re new to business ownership or have had some challenges throughout your business venture. Your request for a loan may have been denied because of late payments on previous business loans or because of insufficient income. Flexible lenders will evaluate your situation and find the best loan that suits your needs and ability to repay. The Halo Capital Group will work tirelessly to ensure that you get the best solution possible.

Finding Merchant Credit Sources and Valuable Finance Resources

Finding the right merchant finance company is can be a daunting task. However, the challenge can be easily mitigated when you develop strategic relationships with lending groups who make borrowers their first priority. When you find a reputable lender that offers solutions which aim to help businesses thrive, then you should apply right away. Although one might think that all lending companies are like this, but many charge exorbitant rates with the sole purpose of making the most money for themselves. These type of lenders are clearly not the best merchant credit companies to work with. Sometimes, the help of a financial consultant or broker can provide valuable insights into who to reach out to and what questions to ask.

Using Merchants Capital Funding Reviews To Your Advantage

If you’re not sure if you should apply for merchant capital funding from a particular lender, you should do thorough research on the company to help you make a final decision. One way you can begin your research is by reading reviews from other borrowers. There are numerous resources available online, such as the Better Business Bureau, that provide feedback on accredited LLC businesses. If a merchant capital source has received positive ratings, the information can be a good reference that can lead you to reputable lender.

Obtaining Merchant Loans with Bad Credit

Merchant account loans can be a viable source you can rely on to manage your business efficiently. But what can you do if you have bad credit? In addition to having another source of cash flow to pay operating expenses, there may be times when you need a line of credit to help you obtain equipment and other resources to keep your business afloat. When you apply for financing with bad credit, it is beneficial to apply for one through a lender that doesn’t do a credit check if you’ve had trouble meeting your payment obligations in the past.

A Lender You Can Call When You Need a Loan Fast

Reliable lending sources can help alleviate the financial burden that many business owners carry. If you’re looking for a finance company that offers several merchant funding solutions, the Halo Capital Group is a reputable funding source to contact. Our funding solutions are a valuable source that can be used to create another service or product line that you can supply to your customers. One of the 1st assets a business needs is a continuous flow of cash, and without it your company may quickly fail. If you want to remain in business and need valuable financial assistance to meet your long term goals, a merchant funding source like Halo Capital can help continue your journey towards success.