Agriculture Loan Interest Rates

Are you looking for loans with reasonable agriculture loan interest rates for the expansion of your agribusiness, to start a new agribusiness, or to cover your operating expenses? Are you tired of the unrealistic promises, pricey interest rates, a mile long checklist, and strict terms and conditions policies? Unfortunately, many of the farming companies that get funded are hit with high farm credit interest rates that  prevent your farm business from reaching it’s fullest growth potential.

At the Halo Capital Group, you are given superior financial assistance. We simplify the lending process so you can gain quick direct access to business financing without compromising long-term success. It is our goal to provide you with competitive agriculture loan rates with an easy application process so you can get back to doing what you do best: running a farm. You can secure commercial financing in as little as two days. Your funding adviser will make sure that you get the farm loan that’s right for you, as quickly as possible. Minimal paperwork, quick approvals!

Farm Credit Interest Rates, Benefits & More:

The Halo Capital Group team, with its tremendous research experience on farm credit loan rates, can empower your business with an agreeable loan package that is custom fit for your wants and needs. We provide smarter solutions and better farm interest rates than the average bank or traditional lending institution. By working with multiple different lenders and investors over the years, we have developed first-hand knowledge on how to approach lenders to get them to lend you money and how to lower your company’s risk profile to give you the best rates possible.

Here is some of what we offer to our clients in the farm industry:

  • Farm ownership loans
  • Operating investment loans
  • Farm emergency and conservation loans
  • Starting a new farm
  • Covering operating costs
  • Paying for marketing and advertising expenses
  • Farm land loans
  • Farm equipment loans
  • Tractor loans
  • and more!

With Halo Capital, you will find the best solution for competitive farm loan interest rates in no time. To qualify for a loan, you don’t need to jump through hoops by filling out piles of paperwork. In many cases, we don’t look at your credit score or might not require collateral. As long as your farm is generating consistent revenue, you can qualify. Of course this will depend on other factors as well, but generally speaking, our lending criteria is more relaxed than traditional lenders, and is a better reflection of your company’s financial health. Furthermore, you are free to spend the money on whatever you want. You can successfully carry out your farm planning and management activities (i.e. setting a new farm, expanding your farm, rebuilding your calamity hit) without sacrificing your company’s profitability. If you wish to start out as a farmer or wish to expand your current farm business, agricultural land loans help you purchase the land you need to build a great farm. We can also help you obtain farm loans to get your desired crops distributed at even greater profit margins.


Agriculture Loan Interest Rates:

With our expansive Rolodex and industry experience, you can get the ideal investors for all sorts of agribusinesses. We offer loans for raising your livestock, expanding your ranch, growing crops, buying new farm land, purchasing tractors and equipment, and anything else you can think of. All you need to do is fill out the form to the right, and an interested lender will reach out and provide you with pertinent information about interest rates, terms, and eligibility for farm credit and loans. Let the Halo Capital Group support your agribusiness plan today.

We provide:

  • Loans for ownership
  • Loans for operation
  • Farm credit for conservation and crop maintenance
  • Loans for expansion
  • Agricultural loans for livestock
  • Agricultural loans for ranch management
  • Agricultural loans for livestock and crops

Our aim is to give our clients piece of mind and to build a profitable trusted relationship for the long-term. We welcome you to the Halo Capital family, where you will get trusted investors with the best farm rates and minimal interest. Running a business is hard work. Getting funding from Halo Capital is not. Empower Yourself with The Halo Capital Group and build your dream business today.

Interest Rates for Farm Credit

Table providing the agriculture loan rates by FARM SERVICE AGENCY (UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE )

Loan Type Maximum loan amount Rates
Farm ownership $300,000 • Rate based on agency borrowing costs • Term up to 40 years
Operating Loans $300,000 • Rate based on agency borrowing cost • Term from 1 to 7 years
Disaster or emergency Loans 100% actual or physical losses
$500,000 maximum program indebtedness
• Rate is based on the OL rate plus 1%
• Term from 1 to 7 years for non-real estate purposes
• Term up to 40 years for physical losses on real estate
Conservation Loan Guaranteed $1,392,000 Rate determined by the lender
• Term not to exceed 30 years, or shorter period, based on the life of the security
• Loan guarantee fee is 1.5%
• Eligibility requirements expanded to include large and financially strong operations