You have the dream, the know-how and skills. You may even already have clients and customers. But to grow, you require money. As a small business, it can be challenging to find the necessary funds to help build your enterprise. Funding for business must be sought creatively. The Halo Capital Group can help put lenders and investors at your doorstep. To learn more, fill out the form to the right and someone will get back to you within a few hours to discuss your options.

The Challenges of Getting Funding For Your Business

There is much to consider when looking to fund your business. So much in fact, that choosing which path to follow can easily overwhelm you. When you are just starting out or even if you’ve been in business for years, you may not be at the point where a traditional lender is interested. This leaves you selling personal assets, borrowing against your home, maxing out credit cards or stealing from your retirement. With so much at stake, it is crucial to have a strong business plan and seek out advice from experienced entrepreneurs.

Offering the Best Sources of Financing for Growing Your Small Business

The Halo Capital Group simplifies the borrowing process for businesses looking for better business funding by providing unsecured business loans with no collateral or credit check, minimal paper work and quick approvals. Instead of basing our evaluations on things like your credit score and your personal assets, we can look at the revenue you bring in to determine how much money you can qualify for. However, there are many different scenarios presented to us and criteria ranges on a case-by-case basis. Regardless of the situation, Halo Capital Group stands ready to provide business owners from all industries with the best business loan solutions in the industry.

Ways to Fund a Business

Commercial financing may require a little creativity. There are ways to find lending sources without begging the bank for mercy. Government guaranteed loans and grants can be excellent options for growing small businesses. Government grants may be easier to qualify for than traditional loans, but these programs require thorough research and paperwork. Typically a grant comes with strings attached and are specific and technical in nature. You can also opt for non-traditional loans, such as the ones offered at various funding centers online. These types of lenders have simplified the lending process to allow more business to gain access to financing.

In addition, there are many regional and countrywide competitions that give away large sums of money to entrepreneurs, such as the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Challenge, the GE Ecomagination Challenge and the Amazon Web Services Start Up Challenge. To win these awards, you must have a great idea and extremely competent team, but it can help get funding for your business. Start with the Small Business Administration or an investment group like The Halo Capital Group to get you on that path towards success.

The Benefits of Using National (US) Business Financing Companies Online

The internet offers a diverse set of both government and private funding solutions for new start-ups and established businesses. The Small Business Administration, as well as institutions like All Business Loans and Halo Capital are perfect places to start to find ways to fund a small business online. They provide capital for companies and help take the guess work out of applying for traditional bank loans. Businesses looking for a loan should begin by applying with our easy-to-use form to the right of this page. A loan specialist will then contact you to discuss your options.

Getting the Most out of Merchant Cash Advance Websites

Need merchant funding quickly? There are many lenders online who may want your business and will be open to working with you. They can provide fast financing by giving you a merchant cash advance if your company processes credit and/or debit cards. These options provide easy, flexible financing opportunities that are easy to pay back. Small business funding sources for merchants can be found through various online mediums, such as search engines, directories, and social media.

Finding a Better Business Funding Group

Financing small businesses may be tricky when searching on the internet, but there are numerous options for simpler and better financing available. Getting funding for a small business can be straightforward if you know how to approach it. You will find many reliable services and resources such as the Better Business Bureau and the Small Business Administration to arm you with the information you need to make an educated decision. If you are searching for US business funding options safely and effectively, Halo Capital can help as well. We offer express funding through our online funding center to get you on the path towards prosperity.

Getting Capital: Business Funding Options & Online Resources

Finding business funding services on the internet does not have to be a daunting task. Resources like a reputable and knowledgeable lending group can be found in a few clicks and make getting funds for a business a much simpler task. LinkedIn and state business services are also excellent free resources to find group funding options for small businesses.

Small Business Private Lending Services, Investors & Reviews

With banks tightening their lending criteria, many businesses nowadays are financed by smaller investors that use private funding. Many lending organizations have groups of potential investors that occasionally hear proposals. These are wealthy individuals who invest in new businesses by funding a business with the intent of receiving a healthy portion of its earnings.

Alternative Loans to Start a New Business

Business credit can also be obtained with micro-financing. This has just begun in the U.S., but these small loans up to $10,000 are gaining popularity. Organizations that microfinance include Accion USA, Grameen Bank and Kiva.

Peer to peer lending is also gaining popularity. It is feasible to go online and get a loan from people you do not know at sites such as and Lending Club.

Crowd Funding for Small Business

Crowd funding allows you to get people to invest in your company or idea. This alternative lending method for businesses is non-risky since the money is not repaid. Popular sites include IndieGoGo, Crowd Tilt and Kickstarter. Crowd funding to start a small business is personal, emotional and its success is based on the appeal of your product or services.


With a strong, simple plan in place, you can find the right small business funding options for your particular situation. You do not have to fall short of your dreams and vision because of a lack of financing solutions and opportunities. There are plenty of people who will believe in your business’ success. Let us help you obtain sources of funding for your small business so you grow and prosper.

Small Business Funding Requirements

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