Equipment is one of the technological drivers of productivity, so it is no surprise that getting capital to finance equipment can serve as the foundation for commercial success. Equipment financing companies play an integral role in this process; they lend the money that businesses need to function, grow and improve their operations. They can help with regular purchases, upgrades or replacement units. Low interest rate loans offered by these companies have also allowed business owners to upgrade or expand their offices, factories or warehouses without sacrificing any momentum. Halo Capital offers flexible loan programs that allow you to choose the repayment schedule that best fits your business’ needs. To learn more, fill out the form to the right and one of our representatives be in contact with you to discuss your options.

What is Equipment Finance?

Equipment finance provides capital for the purchase of the supplies, machines and items needed for businesses to function properly. The word “equip” is similar in meaning to “enable” or “empower.” Equipment is defined as any physical machine that enables you to accomplish your goals in a more efficient manner.

The Purpose of a Small Business Equipment Loan

Companies like restaurants, family farms or mom-and-pop shops will need small business equipment loans to add the stock, cooking tools, shelving and cashiers they need for a fully functional business. A good equipment loan can also help with business expansion by enhancing productivity during an intense transitional phase. In many cases, such tools are a necessity for a enterprise to stay profitable. Experienced financiers can help with a variety of lending and leasing solutions available. It may also a good idea to discuss your needs and preferences with a financial broker as well. Experienced brokers will help you weigh all of your options and can give you a third party perspective on the different lending solutions out there.

The Benefits of Business Loans to Finance Equipment

There is a wide array of finance companies that can assist with an equipment lease as well as commercial capital. This asset based system will match interest rates to a variety of factors relating to the health of your business and the value of your assets.  Plan ahead and carefully review your options before you sign any financing agreement. You can apply for a short-term loan or a longer term loan, depending on your needs. Either way, having powerful machines can improve your market share and allow you to gain a competitive advantage.

Used Equipment Financing Solutions

Some businesses might prefer to pursue used equipment financing to save money. Understandably, their goal is to make as much profit as possible based on their limited budget. Some types of machines depreciate and become obsolete very quickly. In these scenarios, it may make more sense to buy used equipment. Luckily, it is easy to find a fully functional used system for less money. Halo Capital can help you finance these purchases and get you on the road towards more efficiency and higher profitability.

Equipment Lease Financing: Sale and Leaseback

Another option for commercial equipment leasing is “Sale and Leaseback.” In this type of agreement, the business will sell an owned company asset (such as equipment) to the finance company and then lease-it-back. This allows businesses to raise much needed capital while retaining all of their assets. There are many different financial arrangements that can be established for purchasing the top  brands. Just make a list of what you need and discuss your options with a qualified broker or financier.

Equipment Funding


Understanding Equipment Finance Rates

Equipment financing rates will be determined by the items you purchase, business characteristics, amount borrowed, program type and amount of time needed for repayment. There are helpful loan calculators for tracking your repayment progress. Low interest equipment loan rates are obviously very attractive and should be heavily pursued by the prospective borrower. However, it is tough to know all of the options out there. Halo Capital can help you increase productivity and add new jobs by finding good equipment loans to fund your business growth.

Logging Equipment Financing

Turn that valuable forest land into a valuable lumber asset by purchasing chain saws, log holders, splitters, wood chippers, harvesters, forwarders, bulldozers and hauling trucks. A good lender can provide the capital you need to find new or used logging machinery. Business equipment loans can turn natural resources into solid profits.

Heavy Equipment Lending

Bulldozers, back hoes and dump trucks are some of the many vehicles listed under heavy equipment loans. If you get a construction project contract, then you may need to purchase new or used machinery to complete the job. Perhaps, your business wants more eco-friendly energy systems – solar, water and wind equipment can be purchased using these special loans. When you gain access to new funding pools, you can afford to invest in more efficient tools. Improve your business with competitive heavy machinery loans from the Halo Capital Group.

Office Equipment Services

Office equipment comprises chairs, work stations, computers and phones that are essential for a well-run business. Perhaps your company wants to improve its customer service response times. Faster computers may be a good investment to deliver real-time customer answers to your valuable clients. Get your customers raving about your fast response times by purchasing more efficient office technology.

Medical Equipment Loan Options

Doctor’s clinics, nursing stations and hospitals require the best equipment to deliver the best standards of care. Medical finance can be used for the basic supplies of bandages, needles and ointments. Financing can be also be used for electronic devices, such as x-rays, defibrillators and ambulances. Improve your health care facility with brand new medical equipment. For more information on medical equipment loans, see this page.

Industrial Machinery Rentals and Purchases

Don’t fall behind your competitors by continuing to use outdated machinery. Robotics, computer aided design and mobile smartphone technology have enabled businesses to track the delivery of products moving through the system. Improve your brand by purchasing equipment for your factory today.

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